Client’s Role

The best relationships between planners and their clients are partnerships, with responsibilities on both sides. The following summarizes your role;

  • Disclose information: Without a complete picture of your finances, we won’t be able to do a thorough job.
  • Be clear about risk: The degree of risk you are willing to take in your financial affairs has great influence on the recommendations that we make.
  • Commitment to achieving your goals: If you agree with our recommendations, be prepared to act on them.
  • Ask questions and stay informed: If you don’t feel comfortable with a particular recommendation, ask to have your concerns addressed.
  • Keep us up to date: Tell us when your financial circumstances change.

How are we compensated?

We work for our clients on either a fee-for-service basis, commission basis or a combination of both.

  • Fee-for-service: If you decide to employ our services on a fee-for-service method, the fee is based on an hourly rate. You may also negotiate a flat fee for a specific service.
  • Commissions: You may choose to have our compensation paid through commissions derived from your purchases of financial products. In most cases, the commissions are paid by the suppliers of financial products such as the investment fund company or insurance company, for example; when purchasing investment funds on a “deferred sales charge” basis or DSC option. You may also choose to pay the commission directly, for example; when purchasing investment funds on a “front end load” basis or FEL option. Refer to the investment fund’s prospectus for options specific to the product.
    Regardless of the method of compensation you choose, we will be happy to discuss these options with you.

Our Pledge of Confidentiality

Applicable securities law require us to determine the financial needs, objectives and appropriateness of recommendations for clients before executing purchase orders. For this reason, we will ask you many pertinent financial questions. Your answers to these questions will help us create an accurate picture of your current financial situation. This information will be held in the strictest of confidence.