To apportion a portfolio’s assets according to an individual’s goals, risk tolerance and investment horizon which aims to balance risk and reward.




Create and implement an investment plan that takes into account your investment objectives, time horizon, current financial situation and risk tolerance. Consideration will be given to your personal preferences and constraints. Realistic expectations will be set of both investment risk and investment return. The strategy aims for a diversified and tax efficient approach. The implementation will include the selection of suitable products.




  1. Gather Client Data: We will collect from you pertinent financial information including your investment goals, needs and priorities. This will be done through a combination of face-to-face interviews, data collection questionnaires, telephone and email communications.
  2. Review and Analyze: We will review and analyze all of the information that you provided that is relevant to this engagement. We will seek to identify problem areas or opportunities with respect to your goals and objectives.
  3. Develop and Present Plan: We will develop and prepare a plan tailored to your goals and objectives, values and risk tolerance, while providing projections and recommendations. Our recommendations will include a personalized investment strategy identifying investment plans and parameters suited to your needs and risk tolerance. You may choose to accept our preliminary recommendations or you may request modifications.
  4. Implementation of Plan: We will present the final plan and assist you in implementing the strategies that we have agreed upon. This may include the recommendation of products and preparation of investment account applications with corresponding transfer documents and pre-authorized payment plans. If you have chosen to compensate us on a fee for service basis, we will then include our invoice which is due upon receipt. If you have chosen to compensate us on a commission basis, we will require you to sign your opening account applications and corresponding documents.
  5. Monitoring and Updating: We should meet annually to review investment products that you hold under our dealer advisor number. During this meeting, we will review your products, their current asset allocation and we will then recommend required adjustments including portfolio re-balancing, adopting new target allocations or modifying current holdings. These annual investment reviews are included at no charge for all products help under our advisor number. At your request, we can also update other financial plans including retirement cash flow projections, education objectives, specific accumulation goals, etc. These other financial plan updates might be subject to a separate compensation arrangement.